Monday, September 29, 2008

Endings And New Beginnings

As I look outside my office window, I notice the leaves have begun to change colour signifying the end of summer and at the same time, beginning to show the beauty of autumn. An ending and a beginning held within the same period of time.

I love to see the seasons change, though I must admit I prefer watching winter turn to spring, and summer turn to fall, more than seeing fall turn into winter. Yet with each season change there is an ending and a new beginning. Each season holds it's own purpose, time, and beauty. While there are times when I feel winter is way too long, there are those winter nights that hold such amazing beauty in their stillness, the darkness of the night, the purity of the newly fallen snow, that it is truly breathtaking, and worth the long winter months just to have these moments of sheer quiet beauty.

So it is with life. As we grow and change, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, we will change. Some changes will be exciting for us, creating a sense of anticipation and hope. Some will hold great beauty and significance; and some, will be like dark winter nights, cold, barren and grim; yet they hold great potential if you are willing and able to look past the obvious and recognize the beauty and wisdom that lies within its depths.

Rather than struggling and denying whatever is difficult in your life at that moment, stop and look at it intently. Seek it's beauty, it's purpose, it's lesson for within its 'pain' is also the wisdom needed to free yourself from it. Rather than struggling against an 'ending', whether it's a relationship, a job, a marriage, a friendship, acknowledge it's time to let go, to quit looking back and instead turn and look forward to the new beginning. However, the only way you will see it is if you are facing forward towards 'what will be' rather than looking back at 'what once was'.

For with every ending, there is always a new beginning, the opportunity to create anew, to create something different, something wonderful, something breathtaking.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Making Room

We often hold on to things, people and situations a lot longer than we should. Perhaps it's because it's familiar and in its own way comforting, even if it no longer serves us and is actually slowing us down.

How many people have a garage so full of 'stuff' that the car doesn't fit into the garage, but instead sits out on the driveway? Closets full of clothes, but they have nothing to wear? A job they hate that's going nowhere? Or are in a relationship with someone they don't love? As a society we want 'more' yet so few have figured out there is a need to balance out the energy of 'more'. To draw more into your life, you need to make room for it ~ in other words, you need to release the 'old stuff' so there is room for the 'new stuff'.

I often come across people who tell me they believe in the LOA. They talk the talk, but they don't walk the talk. Some are in marriages that were over a long time ago yet neither partner has called it quits, not because they still love each other, but because both rather have 'someone' in their life (even though they are miserable with that someone) than to be alone. So they are weighted down by their own unhappiness, frustrated their life is not what they envisioned, and most likely angry at their partner for not leaving. That last part is always intrigues me because it's easy to be angry at someone else for not doing something, but the question is, "Why have they not left?!" After all, if both partners are unhappy, does it really matter who calls it quits? The unhappiness and frustration just adds more baggage, leaving them with little energy to really be able to utilize the LOA.

It's not just marriages or intimate relationships, the same goes for friends. People generally grow and change over time. Sometimes they grow closer together other times they grow apart. Interests change, goals change; this is not a bad thing. However, some times it means friends have grown apart and the things that once bound them no longer exists. Time spent together is awkward, stilted and more of a chore than a pleasure. Yet, in the back of your mind you are thinking "we've been friends forever, (s)he has been a good friend, how can I just walk away? Yet, the truth is, perhaps it's best to ease away while you each follow your paths. Who knows, you may find your paths cross again down the road or you may find you meet new people who are more aligned to the person you are becoming. We each have our purpose in life and often people come into our lives for a period of time to help us get to the next stage and then they leave. We should be grateful for the time we had together and thankful for the blessings the friendship held for us. Some people journey with us our entire lives, others are there for a shorter period of time and we must honor that, and recognize when we need to let them go so they too can continue on their journey.

The same goes for physical stuff. Closets full of clothes you haven't worn in years merely create clutter and weight. Energetically speaking, 'weight' (whether it's emotional, mental or physical baggage) equals WAIT. So the energetic equation is Weight = WAIT. The more baggage you continue to hold on to and drag through your life, the longer you have to WAIT for Change/New Stuff to enter your life. Think about it. How much easier and faster is it to tavel with only a carry-on bag vs. 3 suitcases packed full of stuff? Now apply that to yourself. How much stuff are you holding on to and dragging through your life? Old emotional hurts/baggage you refuse to release, thoughts of how you were wronged, mistreated, taken advantage of, things you should have said, things you wish you hadn't said, etc., not to mention all the stuff that fills your closets, garage, storage room. It's all weight and the more of it you have, the longer you will WAIT for the things you truly want in life.

We all know how the LOA works. What you focus on you draw into your life. Well, think about it. If energetically you are surrounded by reminders of the past, still in relationships which drag you down, if you still get upset when you think back on something that happened years ago, just how much of your attention and energy is really being used to draw change/new stuff into your life? Not much. In fact, very very little.

Now imagine letting go of all that stuff and freeing up all that weighted energy and then putting it to work on what you do want...WOW imagine the turbo-boost that would give you in creating what you want in life. Imagine the speed in which the changes you desire would be drawed to you.

It's the difference between going cross country on a skateboard or in a Ferrari.

So, the question is, how fast do you really want what you say you want to appear?! The choice, as always, is yours.