Monday, November 22, 2010

Talking To Myself

I am sometimes asked how I choose the topic or theme of my newsletter and blog.  To be honest, most of the time it chooses me by appearing in my life as a pattern being experienced by those around me which, in turn, means I am experiencing on some level as well.  If we are all experiencing the same thing in various forms, then it's likely we can all benefit from looking at the pattern from a different perspective which may mean seeing how someone else is dealing with it (or not dealing with it) and then examining our own actions or inaction. 

Writing gives me an opportunity to ponder aloud about the issues, triggers, and patterns which appear to me and allows me to share my thoughts on them.  When I'm writing there are times when it feels a lot like I am talking to myself.  The voice that appears as words on the screen is the voice in my head.  The voice that asks the questions and seeks answers. Questions like "What is the pattern here?", "Where are you experiencing this in your own life?", "What's the bigger picture/message?", "How, where and when does this pattern play out?"  "Is this something a lot of people are experiencing now?"  There's always lots of questions and there are times when there appears to be far more questions than answers.

Since I tend to be a very visual person, I will admit I don't always listen to the voice in my head.I actually need to see what it's been saying and the only way to do that is to write it down. I figure if it's something that I'm working on, pondering, or thinking about, or a common issue my clients are dealing with, it may be something others can relate to and if, by my sharing it, I have helped them in some way, then it's worth sitting down and writing about.  I write a lot. Some of it gets posted here; some of it is still sitting in draft mode, to be shared at a later date or rewritten or perhaps not shared at all.  At the moment I have 5 draft blog posts, will you ever see them?  Who knows, maybe...or maybe not. Like everything in life, writing is a process in which one creates, changes, completes and then begins anew.

People tend to believe that I don't have challenges in my life simply because my work is based on transforming what doesn't work in one's life into something that does work. However, the truth is, no one is exempt and we're done when we're dead and since I am very much alive, I too encounter life challenges from time to time.  The advantage I have, if you want to call it that, is a set of personal development tools and skills and a process which gets me out of what's not working in my life and into what will work.

These tools and skills along with the knowledge and belief that everyone, yes everyone, can succeed in creating the changes they desire (if they are willing to commit to the process of change) is how I am able to guide my clients through their process, to get them out of the Problem (whatever the issue is) and into Solution so they are able to move past the challenges and reach their goals easier than ever before.

While I hope what I write is relevant, I no longer wonder about who is reading it.  I have come to realize my writing is part of my process, it helps me take the next step in my work and in my life, whatever that step may be and wherever that step may lead me. If writing the thoughts from the voice in my head resonates with my readers and gives them a laugh, a smile, some insight, a new perspective, a glimmer of hope, or inspires them to take action towards committing to the change they desire, then I feel I have made a difference in their world.  For me, my work is all about guiding people in a way that empowers them in their life and in the world around them.  I strive to accomplish this through my writing, my work, my day to day life, my conversations with others and with each and every person I work with and that is my commitment to the process of change in my world and the world around me. 

Yes, there are times when I feel like I'm talking to myself, yet I know those who need to hear (or see) the message will; at least that's what the voice in my head tells me and it's never wrong.