Saturday, October 20, 2012

Purpose & Passion

I believe there comes a time in everyone's life where they stop and ponder if "there's more to life" or if "they have a life purpose".  Personally, I believe the answer is "yes" and if you're asking the question, its time to consider what signs in your life have been pointing your Purpose out to you.

Throughout life there are signs and signals hinting and often times blatantly showing you your Purpose; the question is, are you recognizing them or are you consciously choosing to ignore the signs?  Some people know, from a very early age, what their Passion and Purpose in life truly is; while others seem to be a in a fog, grasping at vague thoughts and feelings, seeking something that will point the way and show them where they are going and where they are meant to be.  The challenge for these individuals is not that they can't find their purpose or passion, but that they are looking to the external world for clues rather than tuning out the external world and tuning into their internal world.

You see, to fully grasp your Purpose and Passion, you must first know and understand "who you are".  Not who you are in relation to others; not who you are based on your job; your family; your friends; or any other external influence.  You need to know and understand 'who you are' in relation to you.  The multidimensional person you are at a spiritual/soul/individual level.  All aspects of who you are, not just the aspects you allow others to see, including those aspects you keep hidden.

I have spoken of archetypes and archetypal patterning before, especially of the four archetypes which are common to everyone on the planet: the Saboteur, the Victim, the Prostitute, and the Child.  Besides these four we have eight others and these twelve archetypes combined give us insight into who we are at a Soul/Life Purpose/Passion level, but also insight into our challenges, lessons and patterns.  Through your archetypes you will see yourself and your life through the eyes of your soul/spirit; bringing your spiritual self, mental/emotional self, and physical self into alignment and showing you your life in a whole new dimension.

Above the temple of Delphi was the inscription: Gnothi Seauton  - "Know Thy Self".  How will you know you have found your Passion if you do not know yourself well enough to know what touches your Soul/Spirit?  How will you be able to fully engage your Soul/Spirit if you do not know what patterns you create in your life and what they mean within the framework of your Life Purpose?  Yes, there are some souls who enter this world knowing this from a very young age.  Their Purpose/Passion  is so much a part of them it literally defines them from childhood.  They are the child prodigies; the individuals who impact and shape our world in a way that changes society globally.   However, they are the exceptions, the rest of us need to look within ourselves to see who we truly are and how we are meant to impact our world.  While not everyone is meant to change the entire world, we all have our own unique Purpose/Passion and we are meant to reveal it to the world.

So often people know their Life Purpose and live it to a small degree, yet they feel its not right, there is a lack, a missing component, something not quite right.  There is a sense that if they were truly living their Purpose, they should feel happy, engaged, fulfilled; in short, they should feel passionate and excited and instead feeling let down.  They don't understand what's missing; why they feel let down instead of fulfilled; why their Purpose/Passion seems to be more of a struggle than a joy.  What they have yet to realize is that you can't live your Purpose in a little way.

Compromising your Purpose so it fits into society, into your life, or into the ideas and beliefs of others won't do, especially if your Purpose is to bring new ideas, creations, beliefs, abilities, or technology to the world.  It doesn't work that way and deep down you know it.  Compromising your Purpose by making it smaller, negotiating it down so it fits into your life leaves you feeling unfulfilled and struggling to succeed in something you are passionate about.  This constant struggle makes you doubt and question yourself, wondering "if this is truly my Purpose, then why isn't it working out for me? What am I doing wrong? Is this even my Life Purpose or am I deluding myself?"

The truth is, your Life Purpose demands your total commitment.  To take that Leap of Faith.  To dare to be different; to believe the impossible is possible; to do what has never been done.  It may ask you to push past society's beliefs to open new paths; to open new doorways and to dare to believe in yourself and your Purpose.  It asks for everything and when you give in completely to your Passion and Purpose, it gives everything in return. Half measures are not enough; it is All or Nothing.  Here is where your fear fights to keep you small and your Passion fights to set you free.

There is the challenge in living your Life Purpose.  To have the courage to live it; to believe in it; to know that whatever form your Life Purpose takes, you will step up and into it fully, knowing it is not only the right thing to do, but the necessary thing to feel fully engaged and passionate about your own life.

Your Purpose and Passion are within you; a part of you that is with you from the moment you take your first breath to the moment you take your last.   How you choose to live it and to what degree you are willing to commit to it, determines how fully you will feel that you are living with Purpose and Passion.

The choice, as always, is yours to make.