Friday, January 30, 2009

A Moment To Celebrate

Last Spring, my friend Renate decided to write a book and she invited 3 friends (Kim, Deborah & I) to each write a chapter. This was the start of an amazing journey for us both as individuals and as a team. Each of us brought a unique perspective to this work and together we created what we believe to be a powerful and inspirational book. It was a long process as we wrote and re-wrote chapters to ensure our words were a true reflection of the message we wanted to share.

Then there was editing and proof-reading; and, just as we were about to go to print, we were joined by an amazing team of creative individuals who gave us a new perspective on both the cover design and the title. Their arrival was timely, their creative vision ~ inspiring. While they re-worked the title and cover we delayed printing, knowing the end result would be a much better reflection of the message within.

We met today to discuss our plans for moving forward with the sale of the book and during our meeting, the first shipment of the finished book arrived from the printers. We were there together, to share that moment. Opening the box and seeing the glossy cover, the crisp clear cover and our work bound together as a book.

It was a moment to celebrate and we did: with laughter and tears and much joy. Words cannot adequately describe the feeling that moment held for us, but I was glad we were all there together when the books arrived so we could celebrate it together.

While this is an ending, it is also a beginning. The book is complete but our work does not stop there. There is still much to do. While we celebrate and revel in having printed copies of the book, we need to look to the future continue to move forward; but first we had to celebrate what we have accomplished thus far.

So, to Renate, Kim and Deborah I say "Ladies you are FABULOUS!" and congratulations!!! I am blessed to call you friends and colleagues and I look forward to continuing our work together. Love you all.

For information about the book, "Dying To Live Well ~ Loving The Journey" click the link below: