Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seeing Things Differently

"When you change the way you look at things; things change"

So often people get caught up in 'how things look' that they can't see it any other way or see anything else.  Keeping in mind that "energy follows thought" and "emotion = energy in motion" people really do have choice no matter what the situation or circumstance.

For instance, let's say work is an issue.  It doesn't matter whether:

  •  I have a job and hate it, 
  • I had a job I loved and lost it, or 
  • I am looking for a job
the rule remains the same.  If you want to change the circumstances, you first have to change how you are perceiving it.  So let's take it a step at a time so you can grasp my meaning and in the process perhaps even hear some of the thoughts or words you may be consciously or unconsciously holding on to.

So let's begin with "I have a job and I hate it".  Now I know that quitting is not always an option, everyone has bills to pay and responsibilities to meet.  However, there is still choice here and it begins with changing your perspective.

The obvious first choice is start looking for a new job.  Do it with intention and focus.  It's not just a matter of "I want a new job" be clear on what exactly you want.  The type of job, the pay, the benefits/perks, the work itself.  There's no sense in changing jobs if you go into the exact same situation you hate.  You need to see the job differently; see what you love about the job, what aspects of the work you want more of; what excites you, inspires you, what resonates.

Now another way of approaching this is change the way you experience and view your current job.  Since energy follows thought, think differently about it.  When you think differently about it, you begin to feel different about it.  So what do you like/love about your current job?  What would you like to do more of?  Where can you step up, step out and offer up a new alternative?  Shift your perspective and you shift your emotion from the negative to the positive, which in turn, shifts how you experience your work and draws more of what you love/enjoy to you. Doing more of what you love/enjoy will shift the "I hate my job" to "I like my job" to "I love my job".

OK - let's step over to "I had a job I loved and lost it".  Just saying that out loud gives you a sinking feeling; it's lost and it's not coming back.  Now really, how can you even begin to find something new, something better when your words and emotions are pretty much facing the past and feeling like its the end of the world?  One cannot see or hear opportunity knocking on the future door if one is facing the opposite direction.  Time to make a 180 degree turn and become excited about the next steps towards something new.  Think about the potential of something new, something bigger and better.  It was time to move forward and since you weren't taking hold of the reins and charging forward, the Universe gave you a much needed nudge by having you downsized, laid off, fired, retired, whatever.  By having that happen its opened you to a whole new world of possibilities; be excited, look around, listen for opportunity knocking because it is and its just waiting for you to open the new door.  Seeing it through fresh eyes, from a new angle is like a breath of fresh air clearing out the cobwebs and making everything sharper, clearer and more exciting. It gives you a whole new feeling and more energy.  Good feelings and more energy makes things good things happen, and that's what you want now. Remember Emotion = Energy in Motion and Energy Follows Thought.

Finally let's consider "I am looking for a job".  How do you feel about it really?  Are you frustrated or excited?  Are you talking about it with a sense of purpose and a feeling that it's right around the corner?  Can you envision what it will feel and sound like to be working at the job you're seeking?  Whenever you think about it, does it make you smile with anticipation?  This is the emotion and energy to be plugged into.  It's this experience that makes it easier to find what you are looking for.  Energy follows thought - so have a firm grip on exactly what you are thinking and focusing on.

While I used work as the example here the same applies to every aspect of life.  You can just as easily apply this to health and/or relationships.  When you choose to see things differently, the things you see change.

As always, the choice is yours.