Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Peace On Earth

A common theme at this time of year is one of Peace On Earth.  With so much unrest in the world it seems like it is an impossible dream to live in a peaceful world and we lose hope that there will be peace in our lifetime.

Yet if our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, then we need to ask ourselves "Where are we at war within ourself and our own life?"

Peace, like change, has to start within us.  If each of us looked within ourselves, would we find peace or chaos or even hatred and war?  Think about it, how do you feel about yourself?  Do you really love who you are?  Are you at peace with your looks, your personality, your job, your health, your mental, emotional and spiritual aspects?  What about your relationships, are they peaceful? Are the lines of communication open, ensuring honesty and compassion are a natural part of all communication within your relationships?  

How can we promote peace, be a channel for peace if within us resides self-loathing; anger, resentment, jealousy, chaos, deceit, hatred, or envy?  If we cannot come to terms with our own relationships, to honour and respect each other on a personal one-to-one basis, to create peace within our own lives, how on earth can we expect nations to create peace globally?  

Simply put, to create Peace on Earth we must first create peace within ourselves.  Only when we know peace within our own life will we be able to then create peace in the world around us.

May there be peace in our world, and let it begin with me...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Everyone Has A Price

In previous posts we've discussed three of the four archetypes common to all humanity: the Child, the Victim, the Saboteur, and today we take a closer look at the final one, the Prostitute in the hope of grasping its influence in our lives.

When people think of the Prostitute, they think of it in the typical terms of the sex trade industry and believe since they are not a sex worker, this archetype has no influence on them.  However, to really grasp the meaning of the Prostitute archetype, you have to expand your concept of what it is and how it relates to you.  With this in mind, let's explore the Shadow and Light aspects of the Prostitute archetype in order to shift our perception of it and gain understanding of how and where its energy is felt in our life.

Do you remember the old saying "Everyone has a price"?; this refers to the Prostitute archetype within us.  The Prostitute archetype represents "what we are willing to sell and for what". Think beyond the obvious of selling one's body for money and consider how, when and in what circumstances we "sell out".  Likely just reading that last line has triggered a feeling within you because we are all tempted regularly and while we don't think of it as prostitution per se, it really is a form of selling parts of ourselves for some kind of gain.

Let me provide some examples, so you can recognize how the Prostitute archetype is at work in your life.  Then when you find yourself in situations where it appears, you will know what it looks, sounds and feels like in the moment.

In one's work life, the Prostitute may manifest as a 'yes man (or yes woman)' agreeing with the boss simply to further one's own career.  In this case the person may be selling out their personal values/beliefs/opinions or their colleagues to ensure their own career advancement.  Another way could be putting all their time and energy into their job and neglecting their family; in effect selling out the family for financial gain.  Still another example is knowing when the company is doing something morally/ethically wrong and choosing to go along with it because that's what you are paid to do.  These are only a couple of ways in which the Prostitute archetype can make itself known in a person's work life; there are many other ways if you want to give it some serious thought.

In your personal life, the Prostitute manifests in numerous ways as well.  People who stay in relationships because of the material aspects, the house, the car, the money, the image, yet are unhappy, lonely, or even living separate lives under the same roof are selling out their happiness and well-being for security.  The same can be said for those who stay with someone simply because they don't want to be alone. In the long run their unhappiness will eventually lead to bitterness, anger, regret and most likely illness.  

Other ways include pretending to be someone you are not in order to be accepted/liked; in essence selling out who you are for acceptance.  In more physical terms, a person may sacrifice their health and well-being for material security or even for approval/love.  This may manifest as going to work when they are ill or even staying in an abusive relationship.  Some will sell out their friendships when they get involved in a relationship because their new lover doesn't want them to spend time with friends.  Any circumstance where you are surrendering some aspect of yourself in order to gain something is really your Prostitute archetype making itself known.

Like the Victim and the Saboteur, it can be difficult to see past all the Shadow aspects of the Prostitute and to find the Light/Positive aspect.  In essence, the Prostitute is our Guardian of Faith.  Its goal is to encourage us to believe in what we know is right and to act upon that knowledge.  By doing so, we strengthen our self-esteem and self-respect by choosing to have faith in ourselves in those moments where selling out would be easy, yet ultimately, would leave us feeling guilty, angry, ashamed, remorseful, etc. 

Examples of the Light aspect of the Prostitute include corporate whistle blowers; those individuals who know what is being done is wrong and take a stand against it.  Another is the ability to create healthy boundaries around your work life, recognizing the importance of life outside the office - family and friends.    The Light aspect within health and well-being, its recognizing when one needs to take care of themself and not cave in to the demands or pressures from work or from family and friends.  The Light Prostitute is about having faith in who you are, knowing there will always be those who love you unconditionally and those whose love and/or approval you will never have and choosing to always be who you are and not apologizing or compromising yourself in order to please others.

We all have weaknesses, we all have moments of doubt where we have to choose between standing up or selling out. Yet when you consciously choose to figure out "What your price is" your awareness of your Prostitute archetype increases and it becomes easier to Stand Up rather than to Sell Out.  

Is it easy to live through the Light aspect of the Prostitute? No. However, it does become easier the more you do and is infinitely worth it.  Living through the Light aspect creates self-esteem and self-respect which in turn builds self-confidence. When you are confident, the judgments and criticisms of others no longer trigger your need to sell out, making it easier to choose to do what is right without fearing what it will cost you.

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