Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Seeing Through My Eyes

Most people I encounter as some point will say to me "I wish I could see what you see".  While I understand their curiosity and desire to see intuitively I'm pretty certain the novelty would quickly fade when they realize how "seeing what I see" impacts their daily life.

While intuitive sight is amazing, it can also be both challenging and at times, quite frankly, a burden. 

I learned at a very young age that all that I see is not necessarily meant to be shared with others; not everyone is open to knowing or wants to know.  More importantly, I had to create my own sense of integrity; recognizing that just because I can see/read others it does NOT give me the right to do so without their permission. For me, reading people without their permission or knowledge is a violation of their privacy; it would be like reading their diary.  I wouldn't want someone to do it to me, so I make every effort to avoid reading others unless they expressly request a reading.

While on the surface this may seem like no big deal, it's actually quite challenging at times.  Imagine how it would affect your relationship(s).  Just imagine how the other person would feel, knowing you were able to see aspects of them that they would rather keep hidden or private.  We all have our secrets, those things we don't want to share about ourselves for whatever reason.  So imagine how vulnerable you would feel, how exposed, if you were with someone who could, potentially, see those things you want to keep personal and private.  How would you feel, knowing your life is like an open book to them and you don't have the same access to theirs?   There is a level of vulnerability involved that most people would never experience within the dynamics of a relationship and a feeling that it is a little one sided.  While at first your partner may find your ability fascinating/intriguing over time it may be the thing that ends the relationship.

Consider too, how it impacts friends and family.  When you are around those who are closest to you, you are more relaxed and less vigilant about guarding against reading them or what's going on around them.  Your emotional connection to them is an easy gateway and without consciously trying you are often given images or messages and with a start you draw back to once again maintain that boundary.  More than once I've had someone close to me ask why I only glance at them from time to time instead of maintaining eye contact when we talk; its because I am having a difficult time maintaining that boundary and don't want to intrude on their privacy.  I am, quite honestly, working hard not to see.  Just for a moment, imagine looking at your best friend and seeing their archetypes and their deceased loved ones all standing around them, its more than a little distracting especially when you are having a conversation and want to be fully present for them.

What happens when someone is ill and all anyone wants to hear is that their loved one is/will get better; yet what you see and are being told is that their time is running out.  Robbing others of hope is not the way to go, yet neither is lying.  It's incredibly hard to find a way to be supportive that is honest to them and to your vision at the same time.  Even more so when its someone you are close to.

The other thing is I don't always see 'everything' and not everything I see always makes sense to me at the time.  There have been times when I have seen something and been unable to understand it or to clearly see the details enough to explain it and for me that is the most unsettling part.  Knowing 'something' is about to happen but not fully knowing the when and where and just having to wait it out.

For all the challenges intuitive sight creates, there is an up side to it.  When channeled into something worthwhile, it can make all the difference in the world.  I have taken this ability and applied it to my work with others using it to see the patterns running through my clients lives and using the information obtained to help them transform their lives.  Everything is inter-connected.  Their past, present and future; their mind, body and spirit woven together in a way that creates their Soul Contract for this lifetime.  As I work with them and see them through intuitive sight, I am able to bring aspects of who they are to the surface through their Archetypes; allow them to heal their past and their history through quantum transformation so the process is fast; and assist them in creating the future they desire.

The gift of intuitive sight isn't meant to only benefit the one who has it.  The gift is meant to be used to provide insight and guidance to others in a way that will ultimately support their spiritual growth and assist them as they journey along their life path.  This is the blessing of the gift ~ the ability to help others recognize their highest potential in this lifetime and to then encourage them to live it; as I strive to do each and every day.

Blessings ~