Monday, January 7, 2013

The Choices We Make

So often we believe 'things would have been different if we had chosen B instead of choosing A' and while part of that is true because it would have been different, it doesn't mean it would have been better.

The choices we make and the people in our lives are there to help us with our life lessons.  There are no 'wrong choices or decisions' when it comes to following your life path/purpose or learning life lessons.  Our lives are woven together in time and space, bringing us people, opportunities and choices.  Do we choose to act upon the opportunity now or do we shy away from it?  Are we ready to face our Destiny or do we still need to experience other aspects of life first in order it be congruent and ready to step into our own power?  Are we ready to acknowledge the meaning and purpose someone else has in our life or do we hide from the deep emotion we feel?

Each choice we make is a step towards our own growth and transformation, for each choice brings change into our life.  With each change comes more choices, more opportunities to grow, gain insight, glimpse one's highest potential and one's purpose.  Your experiences shape you making you unique and giving you unlimited opportunities to choose how you are going to live now.  Choices you made days, weeks. months, even years ago have brought you to this point in time, the question is, what choices are you making now and where will those choices take you moving forward?

We often view our choices as 'final' in that if we choose "A" we are stuck with "A" no matter what.  Yet this is not the case.  There are an infinite number of choices, a continual flow of them, so if we chose "A" and find that its not what we really wanted or expected, then its time to choose something else; or you can choose to stick with "A" because that too is a choice which is available to you.

The only time we are truly stuck with our choice is when we refuse to see what other choices are available; when we choose to become a victim of our circumstances rather than the co-creator of our life. That too is a choice, however, there is little to gain from it in the long run.

View your life as a series of choices, each has the potential to change your life regardless if you choose "A" or "B".  The important part is you recognize you always have choice because once you realize it, you are less likely to worry about making the wrong choice and less likely to become a victim of the choices you make.

Consider every choice you make a step towards where you are meant to be.   There are many ways to get to where you are going and you get to choose every step of the way.