Monday, March 5, 2012

Inner Work, Outer Reflections

One of the misconceptions people have about me is that because of the work I do assisting others, I don't have any challenges or issues of my own.  The truth is, I do.  The difference is, I have a very different perspective on them  and see them as opportunities to learn and do things differently rather than things to struggle and battle with or against.  Life is about learning and growing through the experiences we encounter.  I know that like everyone else on the planet, I too, am a work in progress, so I too, need to take time to look within myself and do the inner work I need to do to become more congruent, happier and healthier.  In short, I practice what I preach.

What I have noticed over the past couple of months is as I have been doing my own inner work, making tweaks and changes within me, bringing me closer to my personal goals around my own well-being and happiness, my outer world was undergoing similar transformations.  Confirming for me there is a link between my inner and outer worlds.  While I was looking within myself, ironically contractors were looking within the walls of my home seeking information on what lies within them or more specifically, what was missing within.  After some self evaluation, I decided on my course of action; and after some analysis, the contractors decided on their course of action regarding my home.

As I made changes, choices, decisions and took action, I changed my health and well-being, my outlook and my direction.  Changes that could be felt as well as seen by me and by others as well.  The house too took on a different look.  At first everything was pulled out and piled into the middle of rooms as contractors worked on the walls.  Then some filling, patching and sanding to smooth out the rough edges, then painting.  Once painted, items were cleaned and either put back into place, tossed out or donated.  Internally and externally it was a time of review, evaluation and decision making.  It truly is amazing how our inner world and workings can be reflected through our outer world activities.

Since my inner world has been cleared, there is once again room to grow, learn and develop.  There is a sense of peace and beauty within me that is warm, peaceful and inviting. As I look around the house, I see the same reflected in my outer world.  The house has been cleaned, cleared and refreshed; it is warm, peaceful and inviting. How interesting that the changes inside and outside aligned and reflected each other so perfectly.

So, if you find you're dissatisfied with what is around you, perhaps its time to begin clearing, cleaning and releasing things in both your outer and inner worlds ~  it will make a world of difference in your life.

As always, it is all a matter of choice.