Friday, May 21, 2010

Working For A Living

We've all heard the expression "Do what you love for a living and you will never work a day in your life".

Do you wake each morning with a sense of excitement for what the day will bring you that you practically spring out of bed or do you wake with a groan at the thought of having to go to work and feel like you're dragging yourself out of bed?

For those who love what they do for a living, each day holds the promise of something new and exciting.  They experience life with a much more positive perspective simply because so much of their time and energy is spent within a positive emotional vibration.

The happiness they experience through their work ripples out through their lives the same way a stone dropped in a pool of water creates circular ripples moving from the center outwards.  When the originating emotion is one of pleasure, happiness, joy, etc., then it is the emotion that ripples outwards into other areas of their lives, providing a more positive attitude and outlook towards life in general.  This doesn't mean a life without troubles, worries, or disappointments; it merely means when challenges arise in their lives they find a way to tap into and maintain that positive emotion to help them get through no matter how big the challenge.

Think about it.  Imagine feeling happy, excited, contented, or any other positive emotion 8 hours a day, 5 days a week while earning a living at the same time.  Most people cannot even begin to imagine what that would look like, or how it would feel to feel that good all day long while at work.  While most would say they can't quit the job they dislike (or even hate), they do have the power of choice, they can change jobs, or even just begin to change their perspective on the jobs they have in order to improve how they feel about it.

What if instead of dreading each work day, they decided to see it as a fresh start.  An opportunity to find the positive aspects of who they work with and what they do, rather than just seeing the challenges and problems.  What if they adopted the attitude of "this too shall pass" realizing how they choose to respond within any situation is entirely within their control.  What if they realized holding onto the anger or frustration merely creates more of the same adn spreads through their lives.  What if they chose to focus on what they need to do to keep themselves in a place of happiness or at the very least, equilibrium instead of anger and frustration. What if, little by little, they became more aware of this, shifting their view from the negative to find the positive each day.  What if, by finding positive things within each day their outlook became more positive, then in turn their emotions would become more positive, and like that stone dropped in a pool, positive emotions rippled through their lives instead of negative ones. How amazing would that experience be?

Remember, the emotion you spend most of your day in is the emotion that will ripple through your life.  Wouldn't you prefer it to be a positive one?  Happiness in life begins with happiness within yourself.