Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year, New Opportunities

As 2008 draws to a close, I look back over the year to see what goals I have achieved, which still need my attention, what challenges have occurred and what opportunities arose from those challenges.

I will admit 2008 had more than it's fair share of challenges for me and to be honest, I am happy to see the year draw to a close. Yet, there were also some truly positive and wonderful opportunities presented to me in 2008.

I was reminded this year that goals should not be carved in stone; they require flexibility and a willingness to gain a more panoramic view rather than narrow single minded determination. Being committed to your goal and focussing on achieving it helps get you there, but when you can only see ONE way to achieve your goal, you are creating your own blocks and limitations which will ultimately slow your progress.

When you open yourself to seeing things through a BIG PICTURE mentality rather than a narrow straight line, you become aware not only of other opportunities, but also alternative ways to reach your goal. Some times these alternatives turn out to be bigger, better, and faster than you imagined possible.

There are infinite possibilities which means there is more than one way to achieve your goal ~ so be open, be imaginative, be willing to see more than what is directly in front of you, and most importantly, be courageous enough to take the opportunities that are presented to you.

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than the fear" ~ Ambrose Redmoon

Thursday, December 11, 2008

December's Here

Well, here we are in the 2nd week of December, a mere 14 days from Christmas, and yet I feel no urge to rush to get things finished. Usually by now I would be finished - finished shopping, finished baking, finished cleaning and decorating, greeting cards mailed, letters written, and able to just sit back and enjoy the holidays. This year is different, the shopping isn't even started, nor is the baking, cards and letters are still waiting on my desk. The cleaning and decorating is about the only thing I've actually done. I just don't feel in the holiday spirit like I normally would by this time of the year.

It's been a strange year. Filled with both saddness and joy, disappointment and success. In some ways it is perhaps a year like any other, yet the highs and lows seemed more extreme this year than in years gone by. While I'm sure this has played a part in how I feel, I actually think it's more than that; I think I just haven't spent enough time with family and friends this year. What's really missing this year is the usual abundance of love and laughter.

Generally speaking, I'm pretty content. Sure there are things which could be better and are improving, but for the most part, I have little to complain about. The one thing I have always had time for in years past is spending time with those who matter most to me. This year, it seemed like schedules conflicted a lot more than in the past, and I missed out on some very important 'milestone' events.

It's these milestone events that remind you how far you have come together, what you have learned along the way, and how some people are meant to be in your life for the long haul. It's these people who remind you the true meaning of the holidays and what the real gifts are: friendship, love, compassion, laughter.

So, perhaps it's not my holiday spirit that is missing, but time spent preparing for the holidays with friends and family. As I contemplate things, I'm beginning to see the simple answer to my holiday blues is as close as a phone call away. It doesn't matter what you do when you're together as long as the time together is filled with laughter and love.

Blessings for the holidays!