Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Living A Multi-Dimensional Life

I have literally spent decades studying the mind, body, spirit connections as well as esothetic and religious/spiritual subjects.  As you can imagine, I have learned a lot, experienced a lot and now I teach others how to live life multi-dimensionally.  Living life multi-dimensionally means looking at life through all aspects of life, not just our physical reality.  It encompasses a lot of different elements, things like: understanding how words influence actions and physical, emotional and spiritual well-being; learning to see interactions with others through the lens of detachment rather than getting caught up in the drama; seeing opportunity rather than loss; forgiveness as a way to freedom; abundance as way of living rather than an accumulation of 'things'.  Opening minds and hearts to the wisdom spirit holds; the potential to be what each dreams of being and bringing that into reality.  It's pretty heady stuff I must admit; and it takes commitment and work to live life this